Product Choices

The Marketing Brochure Resume Format

Applies product marketing techniques to people and works best for applying to online postings or printed advertisements. Utilizes a summary of keywords along with benefit and accomplishment statements to not only get through an initial screening process, but also impress decision makers.

The Standard Resume Format

Works best for utilizing recruiters and job placement firms that spend the majority of their time selling you on the telephone to a company decision maker that has given them exclusive rights to fulfilling a much needed qualified person. It is written in reverse chronological order and describes your daily activities and contributions in paragraph format.

The Hybrid Resume Format

Can be used for either or both of the above and as the name suggests utilizes both a keyword section and job descriptions.

Standard Cover Letter

A letter that targets a general area work, for example, customer service and is set up for flow such that you can use again and again with minor tweaks that make it look customized to specific jobs.

Executive Style Cover Letter

Designed to highlight your skills, accomplishments and benefits that you bring to a specific job title and it’s formatting is such that it completely augments your resume in ways that often land the interview by itself.

We also offer:

  • Thank You Letters within 24-48 hours of your interview customized to each interview you capture
  • Job Offer Acceptance Letters
  • Letters of Resignation

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